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Dazzle clients and customers with websites and landing pages designed and maintained by our creative studio, while retaining editorial control through our Client Portal. Keep track of site analytics to make the best marketing and operational decisions for your brand.

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Create a clear digital media marketing strategy for a personal and business brand with our boutique FRAMESx Creative Studio. Current services provided: Consultation, cinematic editorial style photo and video for promotion and for digital and print media publication.

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Showcase your visual creations in our community based video gallery and receive marketing and promotional benefits through our partnership with Mastergrind private members club.

The whole reason to pursue being an entrepreneur is FREEDOM." - Kevin O'Leary


The Ark, 2020

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our families have been under siege. Stay-at-Home and Social Distancing orders have kept us isolated and new limitations to our freedom have kept us from moving forward. On the business side, CEO's and founders of non-essential products and services have decreased their investment in marketing as sales drop almost to 0. For now it seems like the right thing to do!

But when does everything go back to normal? I don't have that answer but the good news is Humans are resilient to natures whims allowing many to come out of this pandemic stronger.

In the aftermath of WW2 a new middle class emerged. In the aftermath of the Great Recession of 2007, Uber and Airbnb became leaders of industry all over the world.

It has been proven, time and again, that in time of need the greatest American entrepreneurial minds will solve for the problems of their time and we will owe them a gift of gratitude.

Alexander D. L. Oliver
Founder/Creative Director

Post COVID-19, Habits will change, safety and security will become paramount and Social Distancing will likely remain for the foreseeable future.

Leaders will be forced to seek affordable and effective online solutions to network and grow their businesses. History has shown that leaders who survive these catastrophic events are those who adjust to the change and adjust their marketing strategies to the future of their industry.

When everyone settles into the "new normal", leaders who pivot will be at a distinct advantage and those who don't may even be gone by year-end, since they do not have the foresight or creativity to adjust to the “shut-in economy” created by this novel coronavirus.

Without outside of the box thinking and making clever investment into marketing and online communication investments, leaders may be at risk of seriously hurting themselves and their business(s), in the long run.

As we emerge from this crisis this new norm will set in, yet SOSKYHIGH Media is already prepared for it. As we roll out new, innovative marketing solutions for leaders and creators, our partners and members who are willing and of the right mind will ride this wave, with us.

The time is now, view our work, consider partnership opportunities and contact me with great questions, all are welcome.

The Ark, 2020

-Alexander D. L. Oliver
Founder and Owner

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Alexander went the extra mile. Captured the right moments and gathered awesome content that was used to galvanize my audience. True dedication!

Doug Oliver, Candidate for Mayor of Philadelphia

From start to finish the FRAMESx team paid close attention to my concerns, often repeating them to me so I knew they were being considerate. In the end, I had no reason to fret AT ALL! My team was more that satisfied with the results.

Sarah Bowen, Fashion Boozer